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Daily Lit Deviations for October 11th, 2012

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!

:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one
of your pieces featured by DLD please note LiliWrites.

We will include you and your piece in a special recognition news article. :pointl:


Featured by: DrippingWords
PersephoneI fed her
pomegranate kisses
and she cried
at every frozen sunrise
for 180 days.
With cracks in my heart
and souls
caught in my hair
I counted 180 more.

"Persephone" by xthe-eleanorx

Though short, this poem is
filled with wonderful images and
themes that will keep you coming
back for another exquisite taste.

Featured by: betwixtthepages
Her by SasoDeiLover7

According to Her, poetry is more
than just pretty words on a page.  
Sometimes, poetry is the side of
ourselves the world would rather
see. Sometimes, poetry is the side
of ourselves we learn to loathe.

Featured by: betwixtthepages
and i'll pretend i'm Leosome days i think you wonder
like i do
the way i thumb my earlobe when i hope that you're not looking
the taste behind my teeth. in
gemini circles, i'd think us a malformed constellation;
being dust specks, i exist as naught but to black hole your world
into other closeness
sometimes i think you're wrong. i can write these words, can i?
i can write them 'cause you never look, you are heavy on me, you are pressed to my hip
and you don't know that I'm writing about you
and yes,
you will miss the point
i think there was a time when you never tried to cover up my voice with other songs.
a box of quartz plucked from the driveway,
i look at it from time to time.
you sway like you're sailing to china—
there are things i can't un-touch and things you'll never understand, the
care and feeding of turtles and why i always
burn of fever, the sickness churns my stomach, your sickness burns my
In point, counterpoint. we'll never forget
what day you shot my eardrums out, or the
shredded fl

and i'll pretend i'm Leo by Judah-Leonardo

With powerful imagery and a subtle
metaphor, Judah-Leonardo reminds
readers that sometimes, you have to put
yourself out there to be seen for who you really are.


Featured by doodlerTM
Crisp White Linen by AimeeRaindrop

A skillfully crafted story that
keeps the reader guessing as to
the situation of the plot until the end.

Featured by doodlerTM
"Louie," they called her. Not Louise. "Louie, Louie," her father would sing, nonsense syllables bebopping in his mouth, his voice making her nose wiggle like it does when he smokes cigarettes, "Louie, Louie, Louizze. Louie, Louie, Louieooi."
Louie pushes her boat further into the wild blue yonder of the parking lot. She fashioned it out of a torn piece of cardboard, a toothpick crowned with mustard yellow confetti sprung from a Denny's sandwich. It sails brave and bold on a puddle of diet Coke.
Her brother shoots rubber tipped arrows, Comanche Chief specials, at the cars in the lot. One of the arrows hit a wood panel station wagon with a dull ping. "You die. You die," he yells, a David trouncing Goliath.
Louie blows on the newspaper sail. Her mother washes herself in the bathroom sink with rough paper towels and pink liquid soap. She rubs at the shadows beneath her eyes, hoping the shadows are road grit instead of exhaustion and endless Highway 88 talk radio.
They're traveling to

Louie by swansisters

A sweet story that reflects on the
naivety and innocence of a small child.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitDeviations.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitDeviations Team ~

Prepared by: LadyofGaerdon
Daily Literature Deviations is a group that is dedicated to bringing literature to the forefront of the deviantART community. We attempt to accomplish this by daily featuring Literature artists from around the community that deserve the recognition, but are not getting it.

Each day we will feature 5 deviations from the Literature categories in a News Article. In order to support the artists that we feature, we ask that you :+fav: the news article as well as check out the individual pieces. We understand that each day you may not be able to check out each and every one of the pieces. We just ask that you make an attempt to help support the growing Literature community and these artists.
rlkirkland Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for your faithful service staff! :sun:
AimeeRaindrop Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012  Professional Writer
Wow thank you so much! Such an honour :heart:
Judah-Leonardo Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012   Writer
Oho, thanks so much for the feature! You brighten my day. :heart:
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