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Daily Lit Deviations for November 11th, 2012

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!

:pointr: For all of the featured artists: If you receive a DD for one
of your pieces featured by DLD please note LiliWrites.

We will include you and your piece in a special recognition news article. :pointl:


Suggested by: GrannyJae
Featured by: betwixtthepages

Haiku Ika-Unom
the morning mist fades
a golden sun revealed
her eyes kept westward

Haiku Ika-Unom by ragesaavs

There is a quiet, subtle mist
that creeps across the horizon as
the sun is rising; with an inspired
choice of words, ragesaavs tells
the story of a sunrise that goes
unseen for several reasons.

Featured by: Carmalain7
sleepless- On Growing UpSome days drip slowly
Over the edges of the earth,
Leaving us like an itch in tired eyes
As you blink away what you have
In exchange for water and
Privileged lethargy.
On these days,
There's nothing you can do.
Everything has an echo, and everything
Rolls off you as waves.
Death seems quiet, until it's news
Strikes like a church bell
Knocked accidentally and off the hour.
Setting aside the simile
And the gore of the thing, death is quiet, I think.
A complete retreat into ourselves until we're so deep
We're out of ourselves and back
In the bellies of stars.
And it's indeed been a long day
When we resign ourselves to our fears.

sleepless- On Growing Up by ClamShellHeart

Concise, purposeful, and universally
applicable truth in every line.


Suggested by: Sammur-amat (as found in her 'Sundae Treats.' feature)
Featured by xlntwtch

learn to smilethere’s this man whose eyes bleed this beautiful, sad blue. he hides it though, behind dark crops of hair and thick eyelashes. sometimes i find myself wanting to count the folds and wrinkles that hide his cheekbones and teach him how to smile. there’s times i pass him and he’ll be pressing a cup of coffee gently to his lips and it makes me happy. i don’t know why but i think it shows me he’s alive. he’s heart’s beating and he’s feeling something, anything.
he writes postcards to himself from his capital city to make sure he never forgets where he is. he posts them to himself and wonders why he does it. he can’t really remember, but he buys new postcards every wednesday on his way home from work. he tells himself who he is and who he wants to be tomorrow. he’s never who he wants to be, though. he’s always who he wishes he wasn’t.
on friday nights i walk my dog past the pier. sometimes i’ll walk down to the end, watchin

learn to smile by rachel-rhapsody

From beginning to end,
this wonderful vignette is one
to read, remember and share.

Suggested by TheTerrorOfTheDeep
Featured by doodlerTM

this is about forgettingThis is the thing about forgetting:
                For weeks you bury your face in the clothes you wore when he was near and the smell is a comfort and a torture.  You decide that the torture is not worth the comfort so you leave them draped across the back of a chair and place things on top of them to stop yourself until one day you shove your hands through the pile until your fingers wrap around the fabric and you yank it free only to realize it was pointless.  Even his ghost is gone.
                The next thing that leaves is the way his voice looked in the dark.  Those few sentences become blurred and rough around the edges.  What you remember drops in your stomach in a different way. 
                You run your fingers over your

this is about forgetting by linaket

From the suggester: "This piece is
heartbreaking and honest. It's about all
those knots in your stomach coming loose
and realizing they were what was holding you together."

Featured by: SilverInkblot
John at 3:16Dear Jesus Christ,
I went to bed at 3:16 last night and started thinking about John—John who pissed away every paycheck he ever made and only fucked virgins, John who beat up a woman's husband and spent a Christmas in jail, John who shot himself on the front porch of his mother's house. I don't think anyone shed a tear except her. I heard she shed many tears as she cleaned up the mess.
I thought about when I first met him. It was at church. He and I were both eight. He sat next to me and we stared at that stained glass image of you in your white robe with your outstretched, loving arms, and he leaned into me and asked, "Do you believe in Jesus?"
"Of course," I said. "Don't you?"
He didn't answer. But it was Communion that day and he ate your body and drank your blood just like everyone else, and I thought he had to believe in you because you were inside of him.
I asked him once, Jesus Christ, I asked him if he believed in you and he said, "I want to. But everyone says I have

John at 3:16 by TheEmptyChest

Faith, love, family, abuse, suicide -
this short letter to Jesus Christ has it all.
The honest voice of the questioning
narrator really sells it.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitDeviations.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitDeviations Team ~

Prepared by: spoems
Daily Literature Deviations is a group that is dedicated to bringing literature to the forefront of the deviantART community. We attempt to accomplish this by daily featuring Literature artists from around the community that deserve the recognition, but are not getting it.

Each day we will feature 5 deviations from the Literature categories in a News Article. In order to support the artists that we feature, we ask that you :+fav: the news article as well as check out the individual pieces. We understand that each day you may not be able to check out each and every one of the pieces. We just ask that you make an attempt to help support the growing Literature community and these artists.
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DrippingWords Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Sammur-amat Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012   General Artist
All the above selected prose pieces have been part of my favorites for quite some time and I am thrilled to see their deserving writers receive recognition :love:
Sammur-amat Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012   General Artist
xlntwtch Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012   Writer
:iconcongratulationplz: for the features. :)
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