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Daily Lit Deviations for May 1st,, 2009</u>

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article by: Eloquent-Weapon for DailyLitDeviations


featured by Kitri-du-Lac
The Prom“Would you like to skank with me?”
I always make things far too awkward for myself. We stopped as we were about enter into the sequin-plastered double doors of the poorly chosen location of Prom when I simply turned to my date and uttered complete jibberish in his direction—my dress dotted with tiny teardrops.
What normal person would know that skanking is a type of dance usually to ska music? Let alone, how many people know what ska is?
I presented this boy quite possibly the strangest question he ever heard in his life. I still cannot believe I spent two hours at a restaurant and an hour of milling about the Newport Bayfront making a complete and total ass out of myself. As time prolonged, all I really wanted to do was just something without fear of disaster.
I always fail at the whole courtship thing.

My group of friend gathered inside the small Chinese restaurant sometime around 6 pm. During dinner I maintained some level of mental aptitude and did not

'The Prom' by pupparoo123

featured by: CaronCecilia
Two men walk into a bar...Late Friday evening in early February, red and blue lights flashed from the top of a police car as an officer dressed in the usual navy blue uniform gave a sobriety test to an obviously drunk man. He swerved and bobbed as he tried to walk the proverbial yellow brick road outside of Finnegan’s Way in Paterson, New Jersey, yet ultimately gave into his better judgment and was arrested by the officer. Many people stood outside the bar and watched as the man made a spectacle of himself before surrendering, made for a good night laugh before heading home.  
Inside, a cold mist penetrated the room of Finnegan’s Way, a local bar and hang out for people hard on luck. Two such men were at the bar. One cleaning glasses with a cotton towel, while the other dirties them with ice-cold beer, straight from the tap; the froth leaking over the rim of the glass as it settled. “It’s kind of slow tonight,” said the bartender, “I guess that gives me more

"Two men walk into a bar..." by Jazzman1989

featured by: julietcaesar
"The Thrill" by samjo989

:bulletblack:Visual Poetry / Collab

featured by: Tap-Photo-and-Co
"Prophesy" by blucrimson and SilentPlea


featured by ColonelFitz
grappling with silencethe first nights being home are
indescribable. they are breathing a strange air
that has already composed your lungs, shuffing your feet
through grass that holds the same
quick softness
you have always known in darkness.
they are absorbing voices you almost forgot,
petting the love that is your cat's back,
falling into bed far too late at night and thinking
of someone you swore you'd forgotten, had left behind,
and instead use as a measure for everything present.
(you are ever the wall against which I fall.
in the morning I get up, paint your skin
with three layers of tangerine paint,
and cover you in brand new photos. a day later
I am pressed up against the old plaster,
straining to hear the sound
of your blood rushing again
but then I wake up and, as the
artist knows, I keep painting.)
the word that comes to mind is always
growing tall and skinny like a pomegranate tree
shooting through your childhood
it does not have to be rumpled bedspreads and skin, it is
a telephone crying a

"grappling with silence" by mySeity

featured by: musicalgenius321

"Matched Socks Are Not A Pair." by estallidos

featured by: YouInventedMe
humanity is a libraryi.
I am beckoned
by a page -
stained brown
and burned
with the smell of old
farm animals. I read
On pale hill there lies a child
and like a dying rattlesnake
it stabs the earth
with paintbrushes

I am disturbed and dirty.
and so I bathe
in my own hues
and journey
across the Antarctic
and when I turn around
my footprints are red.

humanity is a library by Aadea

featured by underworldriver
"Atlantic" by thefireflyliberation

suggested by: Azpep
featured by: kersee9

FundamentalWhen our worlds collide
I want them to stick together and conserve momentum
The magnitude of our hearts causing us to reach speeds greater than Mach 5
Our relative velocity will be zero, and you'll see that you're the only one that makes sense in my life
I try too hard to go against the universe,
building something of us and reducing entropy
Why does it have to be so hard?
You'll always be the buoyant force keeping me from sinking,
I'll always be the gravity to keep you from flying back to heaven,
and she'll always be the frictional force that opposes us right when we're finally reaching equilibrium
It's frustrating when our minds aren't at the same frequency;
There's far too much distortion
...yet it's those occasional moments when we're perfectly in phase that keep me from giving up.
The resonance takes my breath away...
The gauge pressure between us is too great
One of us is going to decompress
Too late.
I know I'm just another foolish scientist;
I've been trying to mask how I feel

"Fundamental" by intricately-strung
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Thank you for havin me here with all these awesome pieces!
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:clap: some especially great choices today
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