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Daily Lit Deviations for December 6th, 2009</u>

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!

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Featured by: DorianHarper
"Winter" by warzonestoic
A short yet wonderful piece on a new
take of winter. When one thinks of
winter, one usually sees beauty; this
piece focuses on the brutality of winter
that perhaps is what gives us the sense of beauty.

Featured by the-photographicpoet

Mature Content

"Ocean Grave" by FilthHammer
Never before have I come across
anything like this. Beautiful lexis,
the flow and the tension throughout
the poem is magnificent.The correct
use of grammar and punctuation adds
to the hollow mood, and also the use
of two contradicting words for the title,
"Ocean" and "Grave". They're both different,
but both work well under the skill of FilthHammer Well done!

Featured by: RunningBear5858
GoldfishCircles make the watery world.
Round and round, distorted glass;
The globe of earth made miniature.
This time, will he be safe at last?
Green and keen, the eye arises,
Ever focused, upon the frantic flash of fins.
Golden orange, his blur of fear
Centers on the cat's white mittens.
Trapped, trapped! With nowhere to flee,
He baits and flops, unwilling to await
The sink of teeth through tender scales.
There was never a way to fight his fate.

"Goldfish" by Infernalitae
An excellent poem with beautiful
imagery about a tiny, simple animal;
a goldfish. Although it's just a goldfish,
the way the author tells it's story makes
you feel exactly what the creature is feeling.


Featured by teenyxtinyxtina
"Forever never lasts" by MissSparkey
Written with a sense of nostalgia,
MissSparkey shows us just how beautiful
memories are. Even if things change and people
move on, there is always that sense of longing
that is left behind for you to look back on.

Featured by itsaki
"Escape" by JosephBenton
A heart pounding piece that keeps you
on edge. Well written, it's a new author's
wonderful opening piece.

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prepared by: RavensQuill
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