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Daily Lit Deviations for December 5th, 2009</u>

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!

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Featured by: RunningBear5858
"The Feeling of Feeling Unique" by xTwoStepFour20x

An incredibly amazing and creepy poem about an encounter
with a supposed "monster." The vivid images and haunting
language will leave you with shivers and the constant need
to check over your shoulder to make sure nobody's there.

Featured by: dreamsinstatic
your poetryread me your poetry
i want to see your lips moving
feel you breathing
hear your voice
whispering to my soul
give me your reasons
all your feelings
speak the words
on your mind
what fills your heart
should fill my ears
keeping me warm
embracing all my senses
read me your poetry
let it caress my skin
take your time
do not rush what you
need to say
all im going to do
is ask you to repeat
i love the feel
of your poetry
on my body
it lingers in my mind
the beauty of it
scarring my heart
write me poetry
express every desire
you have ever had
elaborate every detail
leave nothing out
paint a picture in my mind
with detail and love
read me your poetry
and every night before
i fall asleep
it will embrace me
and keep away
the endless monsters
read me your poetry
do not rush
for i will only
ask you to repeat
every utterance you made.

"your poetry" by whisperingshadowz17

A beautifully written piece expressing the total love affair
with poetry that all poets can truly understand. Powerfully
expressive, wonderfully written and a gorgeous sentiment.

Featured by: TheBrassGlass
tongue toowagons have them-
sets them wagging.
hillside backwards-
leaves them dragging.
flaming, licking
at the driest wood.
language, spoken
clearly if we could.
oh, deepest kissing
sorely missing.
llp - oct'09 - dA

"tongue too" by alapip

Sometimes you come across a piece that has just brilliant wordplay.


Featured by itsaki
When The Rain Falls  Rain; so beautiful, yet so sad. Every now and then, the sky will open up its great cloudy eyes and cry. Sometimes it'll yell in a booming voice or thrash out in a flash of bright light. But not today. Today there's only rain. It sticks to my window, fogging up the glass. I trace a finger across the surface. S-A-D. Sad. The wind calls to me; "Come out to play, Marla. You know you want to." It's right.
  Unlocking the window, easy. Climbing on the roof, not so much. The rain makes the roof tiles slippery. I perch myself on the peak and look down. My father lays drunk on the front lawn, half empty bottle of vodka in hand. When my mother was alive, he never even touched the stuff, but once she was gone, so was he. The smell of burning cigars sticks to my clothing. Under my shirt are burns that he put there. What happened to the father who raised me? Who sat me on his lap every night when he got home from work? Who checked under the bed for monsters before he tucked me

"When the Rain Falls" by mustbewriting13

A truly beautiful piece full of the sadness of life, the
sky crying with the character, the sky screaming as
one with a girl's sorrow.

Featured by: choirsoftheheavens
next thing we're touchingyou put the moon out with your cigarette as everything around you began to dim. you stirred the stars around as your body swayed against the porch lights, as you lifted the twenty-sixer to your lips.
you turned to me and said, "lets show this world what we're made of."
yes baby
lets fuckin' show them.
we had our first kiss right there.
honest to god,
i'm not colour-blind, i just see colourless colour
i'm not starry-eyed, i just reached out and tore the sky down the middle
i still remember the salt strewned in the air as we fucked on the shore. it was one of those days where there was a lulling silence, a silence so serene it was like you weren't there. the only sound that spun down my eardrums was the slow rotation of the world and your vocal chords whispering out hoarse i love yous. your eyes drowned my vision and roared like waves passed my eyelids
that was when i knew
as our clothes stuck to our ribcages
and drops of water hugged our hearts
we'd fuckin' show the

"next thing we're touching" by softsilhouettes

Coarse language and soft imagery, with a storyline that
never fails to engage with its universality, brings across
the message that every heartbreak hurts, even when it's
a cliche.

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Prepared by: SirBret.
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drumergirl Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
its fine
drearyshadows Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009   Traditional Artist
lovely article. it's packed with lovely works~ :heart:
Lit-Twitter Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
Chirp, it's been twittered. :)
nathanzachary Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
A great variety of emotions today! The light and and catchy "tongue too" by alapip all the way to the brutal portrayal of love gone awry in softsilhouettes' "next thing we're touching." Every poem and piece of prose had a significant impact today, and I thank you for gathering them here in this feature. A big thank you to the artists who created these thought-provoking works!
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