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A Symbol View With ^NicSwaner

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 5:25 AM

Nichrysalis is a Community Volunteer for the Literature Community.

VertigoArt: Thank you for allowing me to take up a little bit of your time and interview you so we can get to know a bit more about you. First can you tell me something about you, personally? Tell me something that no one else knows.

Nichrysalis: Difficult, difficult. I've told a lot of people about my quirks. I'm pretty open. Let me dig through the memory banks. :smoking:

I believe my immediate family or anybody online has no idea this occurred to me:

When I lived in Niles, Illinois, there was an accident in a neighborhood near mine where a contractor working on a house got trapped in the debris that fell on him. Me and a few friends rode our bikes there and tried to get a glimpse of what is going on. While there, I got to hold a reporter's camera (they're freakin' heavy) and stand behind the police chief addressing the press about the situation after the man was rescued (there was applause when they got him out). However, I stuck around, watching the people leave and observing the scene. I felt this moment needed to be documented and I needed to know how it started and how it ended.

It became clear that there weren't anymore details to pick up on and so I left by myself on my bike and came to the 4 way intersection near the Niles library. It was dark and a semi-truck was stopping for the light. I had just reached the intersection and figured I had a shot at making it across. I gambled and lost. The semi got his green light and sped up and my adrenaline kicked in as I realized I was about to be hit. The semi clipped the back half of my bike which sent me and my bike to the asphalt in the middle of the street. Still on an adrenaline high, I remember leaping up and carrying my bike to the other side of the street where this couple had seen everything and offered to report the guy. I think I spat out a bunch of bullshit about how the driver purposefully tried to kill me-- it was the adrenaline talking. They just took off.

As I rode home, I had to stop behind a school, and I'll never forget this moment. Ask anybody who has ever been on an adrenaline-high about afterwards, and they'll tell you: you crash. Hard. I was visibly shaking everywhere and my body was sore from tensing up. My vision was blurring. I fell asleep behind the middle school I went to at the time with my head on my bike tire and woke up maybe a half hour later and finally made it home, about a block away.

VertigoArt: When did you join deviantART and why did you do so? What category of art was your primary focus when you joined and has that changed?

Nichrysalis: I joined in November of 2007, when I first started practicing digital art at the recommendations of some good friends (Senthrax, TreehouseCharms), though my writing has always been my priority artwise. When I found the literature community through DailyLitDeviations, and LadyLincoln's 30 Writers You Should Discover articles, I decided to polish some of my better pieces of writing laying around and post them on dA, as no place I had submitted them to had accepted them. :noes:

VertigoArt: As an admin what do you see as your primary duty and why? What made you volunteer in the first place?

Nichrysalis: I'm a liaison between the community and the staff first and foremost. I volunteered because I was curious about how a site like deviantART operates.

VertigoArt: Do you consider yourself active in the deviantART community? Why? If yes, how? If no, why not?

Nichrysalis: Hell yah, I get around. :eyes:

VertigoArt: What is your opinion of DailyLitDeviations? Do you believe there is something more we could be doing and if so what? What would you do different if you were in charge?

Nichrysalis: DLD is doing just fine as it is. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

VertigoArt: I believe I have taken up enough of your time, but I have a final question. Is your nickname your real name?
Nichrysalis: It is. :iconnewglomp:

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Nichrysalis Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad to see this up. :D Even though you reworded the final question on me. :P
Carmalain7 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Called out! =D
This was a cool read, mate, and I totally know exactly where you're coming from on the adrenaline thing.
SadisticIceCream Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012   Writer
Great interview. :la:
rlkirkland Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, life; yet we manage to survive. Nice peek into another unique individule. :)
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Interface Designer
:whisper: *Community Volunteer

Interesting interview :clap:
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